Equinoxes: ALIVE!

: Nathalie Guiot & Barbara Polla


If there’s one thing we want right now, it’s to be ALIVE! And we will see Antananarivo…

From all sides we get threats, to our health, our environment, our “viability” – but we are alive! Winter is numbing us, night has fallen early, our limbs are dull, fires seem to blow out, doors are locked, water flows under the ice – but we are alive! Wolves come to town and ravage urban forests, villages get deserted, books get closed, lips are sewn – but we are alive! Time pauses, the bodies are insurgent, the fog impenetrable, the dawns are slow – but we are alive! Poetry carries us. It bears our words, our weapons, our ivory tusks, our future. We are alive, whatever the disorder, the rebellion, the tumult, we are alive in the wind – and we will see Antananarivo…

Nathalie Guiot & Barbara Polla

« Dans un tumulte au silence pareil,
Le vent se lève !… Il faut tenter de vivre ! »

Paul Valéry


Guest readers: Dimitris Bampilis; Vincent Barras; Greta Bellamacina; Véronique Caye; Mélanie Chappuis; Nathalie Guiot; Olivier Leroi; Naomi Melville; Robert Montgomery; Golnoosh Nour; Taïla Onraedt; Julien Serve; Jérémy Seydoux.
This list should evolve over time.

On the occasion of this new online poetic readings Equinoxes, a chat will be open to the public from 7 pm to 9 pm allowing you to interact with readers. We kindly invite you to RSVP by registering online.
Equinoxes will be live broadcast on the event’s page of our site and available as a podcast after being released.