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In May at the Foundation

ConversationSaturday 18/05 — 15:00

L’atelier de l’artiste :
de la Renaissance aux pratiques contemporaines

Agnès Thurnauer. DR

Guests: Bernard Marcadé, Emmanuelle Brugerolles and Agnès Thurnauer

This talk, moderated by Nathalie Guiot, will provide an overview of artistic practices, from the Renaissance to the contemporary era, around the theme of “The artist’s studio” and will address the following examples: the studio as a school, the startup studio, the studio as a house, the “imaginary museum” etc.

A graduate of philosophy and art history, Bernard Marcadé (1948, Bordeaux) is an art critic and independent curator. Since 1985, he has been teaching at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy. Strongly influenced by Dada and the Situationist International, his activities as critic and curator can be understood as an attempt to show art with the weapons of art, that is, with the complicity of the artists. He is a regular contributor to the journals Artpress, Beaux-Arts Magazine, Parkett, Cahiers du Musée national d’art moderne, Tate, etc. Author of several books, including Marcel Duchamp’s most important biography in French to date, he is preparing a biography on Francis Picabia and a monograph on René Magritte.

Emmanuelle Brugerolles is the General Curator of Heritage, in charge of the collection of drawings at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Agnès Thurnauer is a Franco-Swiss artist. Self-taught in painting, she received a video film training at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Her work addresses the question of pictorial language, and implements a space where figuration and abstraction dialogue to give rise to new visions. Agnès Thurnauer is represented by the Valérie Bach Gallery in Brussels and Nadine Gandy in Bratislava.

Language: French
This talk will be followed by a reading by Boris Bergmann and a drink.

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Book Launch | PerformanceSaturday 18/05 — 17:00

"En dérive à Bruxelles"
Boris Bergmann

Boris Bergmann. DR

After a residency in March 2019 at the Fondation Thalie, Boris Bergmann will present the fruit of his research: a poetic map, created in collaboration with the Belgian architect Bas Smets, retracing his poetic and artistic drifts in the footsteps of the artist Sophie Podolski through Brussels. On the occasion of this publication, Boris Bergmann will read aloud.

Boris Bergmann (1992, Paris) is a writer. At 15, he published his first book, Viens là que je te tue ma belle (Scali Editions), which received the Prix de Flore du lycéen in 2007. This book is adapted for Arte by the director Jean Stéphane Sauvaire with, among others, Béatrice Dalle. Boris Bergmann continues to write: a novel on lying (1000 Mensonges, Denoël editions, 2010), another on engagement (Déserteur, Calmann-Lévy editions, 2016), a fourth on desire (Nage Libre, Calmann-Levy edition, 2018), and more recently, a short story (Dites-le avec des peurs, éditions marcel, 2018). In 2018, he was a boarder at Villa Médicis and won the Prix Littéraire de la Vocation.

Language: French
Free entrance

Literary EncounterSaturday 25/05 — 17:00

The bibliothèque idéale of
Nina Léger

Nina Leger © Francesca Mantovani - Éditions Gallimard

Once a month, the Fondation Thalie invites personalities to come and talk about their relationship with books and to propose their ideal bibliography through five books, which will increase the Foundation’s library to make it a shared library that is both timeless and marked by the times.

Nina Léger was born in 1988. She is the author of two novels, Histoire naturelle (2014, JC Lattès) and Mise en pièces (2017, Gallimard), for which she received the Anaïs Nin prize and the Vocation Littéraire prize. In November 2018, at the invitation of Marcel Editions, she published Stark, a variation on Victor Hugo’s Promontoire du Songe.

Nina Leger teaches history and art theory at the ESADMM (École Supérieure d’art Marseille-Méditerranée).

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Concert - Live classical musicMonday 13/05 — 18:30

Amy Norrington (Cello)

Photo : Luc de Decker

Amy Norrington is an internationally renowned cellist who studied with Alexander Baillie at the Royal Academy of Music in London as well as with Steven Doane at the Eastman School of Music in the United States. The musician is regularly invited by chamber ensembles and festivals throughout Europe. She plays solo with the Munt, the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, De Vlaams Opera, De Filarmonie Antwerp, etc. Amy Norrington is the artistic director of the Festival Resonances, the International Chamber Music Festival in Belgium and of the Dublin Chamber Music Series entitled “Howth Chamber Music”.

The FESTIVAL RESONANCES is an international chamber music festival where about twenty top musicians perform in various formations at Halloy Castle. This year, the Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary and offers an exceptional evening in Brussels at the Fondation Thalie.

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In partnership with the non-profit association MGConcerts and the Festival Resonances

ExhibitionOn view until 15 June 2019

En même temps, elle sentit la matière du ciel
Karine ROUGIER and Alessandro ROMA

Soulever les Frissons, Détail, 38 x 45 cm, huile sur bois, Karine Rougier, 2019 © JC.LETT

The exhibition En même temps, elle sentit la matière du ciel brings together the paintings by the french artist Karine Rougier and the sculptural ceramics by Italian artist Alessandro Roma.

Following her residency in March 2019, the artist Karine Rougier is invited to recreate the universe of her Marseille atelier within the space of the Foundation. The exhibition is organized like a real cabinet of curiosities, composed of small formats on wood and showcases in which are exposed the literary and visual sources of the artist, retranscribing as close as possible the singularity of its creation space. Keen on sacred stories and poetry, Karine Rougier takes the path of a magical realism to build her pictorial work.

In resonance with this dreamlike and singular work, Alessandro Roma presents an in situ installation in the project room — composed of a wall painting, 3 handmade books  and a set of ceramics with vegetal and colored decorations.

Echoing the theme of the annual program The Renaissance, artist as a worker, this proposal reflects the gesture physicality. In reverse of a massive dematerialization, it is a question of returning to the art fundamentals: painting, writing, sculpting.

Curator: Nathalie Guiot

Practical information
Open from Wednesday to Saturday
14:00 > 18:00 & by appointment
Single price: 5€

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