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Human Uplift Trust (South India)

Human Uplift Trust (HUT) supports a school of 715 Dalit children (from the “Untouchables” caste), whose parents are mostly illiterate farmers. These children are aged between 3 and 15; they are taught in English, and the school’s curriculum enables them to further their studies at university. The school is located in Manachanallur, 15 kilometres from Trichy in the state of Tamil Nadu (South India).

The foundation’s support enabled the construction of two extra primary school classes; as a result, 80 children can attend lessons in good conditions. The school was created in 1988 by doctor Raja Vankatesh. It offers Montessori-style tuition, respecting the independence of pupils to favour their psychological and social development. The school welcomes volunteers (artists, teachers, students…) all year long, except during the summer months, in order to realise a project with the students, in music, painting, writing, photography, sports, any activity to help children develop and stimulate their minds. The minimum stay is three weeks.

The Meikandaar school has been recognized by the Indian government for the quality of their education, enabling them to expand their programs for teenagers of 16 years old.

Interview of Raja Vankatesh, doctor and director of the school
Download the annual report (2015) here.