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The School of the Domain of the Possible

In 2015, Françoise Nyssen and Jean-Paul Capitani, at the head of the publishing house Actes Sud, created an experimental school in Arles. Based on curiosity and the joy of learning, encouraging independent research and an active learning experience, the Domaine du Possible School wishes to give its students the ability to understand the meaning of what they are learning, to experience a strong relationship with the surrounding nature, and to be accompanied in their uniqueness. The School welcomes students from kindergarten to grade 3.

In 2020, the School obtained a double conventionnement from the State: from the Ministry of National Education for the primary level and from the Ministry of Agriculture for the secondary level (4th/3rd grade). These agreements recognize the respect of the teaching of the common base. They are formalized in concrete terms, by the assumption of responsibility for a teacher for the first grade and by the recognition of the school’s ecological teachings, offering the possibility for students in the third grade to go on to a general high school or an agricultural high school. The agreement is a recognition of the path taken, the quality of the teaching and the pedagogical orientations of the school.

Partnership with the Thalie Foundation

The Fondation Thalie and the École du Domaine du Possible have decided to join forces to conduct artistic workshops as part of the pedagogical curriculum starting in September 2021.
Among the participating artists: Karine Rougier (exhibited at the foundation in 2019), Nicolas Floc’h (exhibited in spring 2021), Mathis Colins (resident at the Thalie Foundation in 2020, in duo with Emilie Renard) and finally Lucy and Jorge Orta.
A restitution of the workshops is envisaged in June 2022 in Arles.

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