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Agir pour le Vivant

The Méjan association aims to develop actions in Arles and the Arles region in favour of culture and biodiversity.

With this in mind, the Méjan association, in association with Actes Sud and the Comuna company, is organising the second edition of the “Agir pour le Vivant” festival from 22 to 29 August. The festival aims to give an account of all the reflections and actions in favour of life and biodiversity and intends to present solutions, dare to experiment and contribute to the writing of a new alliance of life. At the crossroads of forms and disciplines, scientists, authors, artists and activists will once again be invited to share their thoughts and take the time to rethink our place and act collectively in a constructive manner.

On this occasion, Fondation Thalie is partner of the event and benefits from this initiative to support the opening evening on Sunday 22 August at the Théâtre Antique in Arles.

« Agir pour le Vivant » is based on three axes of development:

  • THINKING THE LIVING at the Chapelle du Méjan:
    7 thematic days: propose times of debates and meetings in order to raise new awareness in favour of the living and biodiversity.
    To bring out new thinking and methodologies for action for life and biodiversity in the territories, with companies, organisations and citizens by increasing the number of working sessions and experiments.
  • CELEBRATING THE LIVING at the Théâtre Antique & La Croisière:
    Agir pour le Vivant welcomes the Centre Pompidou outside its walls for two exceptional evenings at the Théâtre Antique. A sensitive programme accessible to all will be offered for convivial moments at La Croisière. There will also be a cinema programme, exhibitions, activities for children and visits to the School Domaine du Possible.

The full programme is available on