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To turn nature into an immense landscape

Writing workshop by Pauline Allié

Eva Jospin, exhibited at the Thalie Foundation from 15 April to 23 September, sets up landscapes, natural wildlands that can take the form of cardboard bas-reliefs, embroideries or even drawings. These elements, like scenographies, are an invitation to the visitor to project the universe he wishes, his dreams. Remember that night in the forest when
the simple crack of a branch made you imagine so many things. Remember the darkness that made you mistake dogs for wolves. To accompany Eva Jospin’s work, the Fondation Thalie invites writers to give writing workshops based on the exhibition.

To turn nature into an immense landscape:

Pauline Allié’s writing workshop will last about two hours and will take place in three stages. First, Valère Gilles, in charge of mediation at the Fondation Thalie, will offer a guided tour of Eva Jospin’s exhibition. Then, Pauline Allié, writer, will propose a writing workshop based on the exhibition. Eva Jospin, through her work, invites visitors to project the stories they want into her works. Let’s take this invitation literally and set up these stories. Finally, a time of discussion will follow the writing.


Date :
Saturday 24 June, from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Who is it for?
Any adult who wants to write, with or without experience.

Price :

Workshop leader :
Pauline Allié
Pauline Allié is an author and editor. Her writing takes a variety of forms, from novels to shorter works. Her texts are published in journals and collective works, broadcast in the form of sound pieces, and read at exhibitions and performance readings. In 2018, she co-created Sabir, a multi-disciplinary literary journal that lays claim to a broader Francophonie.