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Exhibition walks

Marking the opening week-end of the Regenerative Futures exhibition, the Foundation proposes an exhibition walks with the curators Nathalie Guiot, Yann Chateigné Tytelman, the architects Bento Architecture and in the presence of the artists.

Bento (Corentin Dalon, Florian Mahieu and Charles Palliez) is an architecture and research collective for innovative, geosourced and biosourced materials, which puts experimentation with materials at the heart of its thinking. Bento began its activities in 2020, founded by Charles Palliez, Florian Mahieu and François Willemarck, and later joined by Corentin Dalon. Starting with research into natural/ living materials, in particular mycelium, to produce bricks, panels and furniture. Bento is now concentrating on putting his initial research and discoveries into space, working with others from different disciplines on architectural, installation and furniture projects..