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Philosophical storytelling workshop by Barbara Dauwe

The Foundation invites you to extend the experience of the exhibition Inner Bodies through a program of events and workshops around the work of the American artist Kiki Smith.

Barbara Dauwe is actress, storyteller and illustrator, Barbara Dauwe will lead a monthly storytelling workshop for adults and young public at the crossroads of Eastern and Western traditions.

Barbara Dauwe is a graduate of the Brussels Conservatory. From the stage to writing, she is passionate about philosophy. She illustrates and writes her first children’s album “Mon Corps est un Palais”. An important stage in her life where storytelling, painting and writing are lived on a daily basis. In 2013, she created the non-profit organization L’Arbre à Plumes whose values are the transmission of art in all its forms in order to encourage dialogue, transmission and openness to culture.




  • Workshop on Saturday, March 19 at 3pm

The wolf and the chaperon

A version of the tale where the Wolf is not the danger, where the hunter, father of the chaperon is ready to eliminate what scares him. A love story between the freedom-loving Riding Hood and the Wolf, … a young girl who “runs with the wolves”.

“I have a wild, untamable, fiery side. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been climbing trees, fighting with boys, and my mother is often dismayed to find me covered in leaves and dirt, with my clothes undone and my hair in my teeth. I have to share my story with you. The real one, not the one everyone knows!”


  • The eyelash of the wolf

A traditional Japanese tale about the wild woman and female intuition.

A Wolf who offers a woman to see what is true and what is not. This tale transgresses laws and prejudices and invites us to philosophize about femininity and in particular about the importance of transgression, to get out of the social models imposed on women by the Judeo-Christian tradition. The tale “The Eyelash of the Wolf”, proposes to us to find the conscience of oneself and especially, the full confidence in oneself.


  • The girl without hands

The Girl without Hands is a group of five characters who are archetypal. The one who gives the fable its title is the image of purity and innocence, protected by God and which the Devil seeks to appropriate by all means.


  • The bird woman

This marvellous tale can be read above all as a hymn to beauty. The story questions the thirst for power and money, exalts the offering and the stripping away of possessions, making the intimate essence of things resonate.

  • The Bear with the Crescent Moon 

Traditional Japanese tale.

“How do you know when you have forgiven?
Well, you will tend to feel sorrow rather than fury when you recall the event, to feel sorry for the person rather than angry at them, having understood the suffering that led to the offence.
You prefer to stay away from it all;
You don’t expect anything,
You don’t want anything,
You are no longer tied to the event as if you had a rope tied to your ankle,
You are free to move.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estès




Storytelling workshops for adults and young public
Price: Adult: 12€ / Child: 7€
Duration: 2h

For these workshops, online reservations are highly recommended.