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Équinoxes – poetic platform #10

Poetry as a lockdown art. This is the perfect time to draw from ancient or contemporary texts the gems of our great writers and visual artists. Every Thursday evening, the foundation invites you to discover or rediscover the poems of these explorers of thought, with a selection of readings aloud, in music and in images.

Joins us on our website at 8:30 p.m. to listen to our readers (visual artists, poets, authors, choreographers) and escape from your everyday life thanks to the musicality of the texts.

Poetry is our wind rose, it offers us strength, verticality and resistance to overcome together and each one with us this lockdown to avoid the Coronavirus spreading.

Long live Poetry!

Nathalie Guiot

Curator: Pascale Barret

Language: english and french

Special session in partnership with Spirit Now London


Readers: Kathy Alliou, Janet Biggs, Haleh Chinikar, Joshua Craze, Carole Douillard, Ninar Esber, Kendell Geers, Aurélie Gravas and Luc van Lieshout, Aline Hemagi, Mimi Kunz, Ali Kazma, Rachel Levitsky, Jean-Jacques Poucel, Caroline Scheyven aka Cayo, Pascale Barret, Nathalie Guiot, Barbara Polla, Joana Preiss.

Janet Biggs : Creativity in the time of Covid-19
Ali Kazma : Mid Century Modern
Carole Douillard : Sontag Thoughts #2
Mimi Kunz : Shapes of us
Aline Hemagi : Clitopandemie
Ninar Esber : Barzakh, Pierre Joris, Le condamné à mort et autres poèmes, Jean Genet et Saniyah Saleh
Aurélie Gravas et Luc van Lieshout : Kitoko (Aurélie Gravas : Chant, guitare. Luc van Lieshout : harmonica)
Jean-Jacques Poucel : Togethernest, Et comment nous voilà moins épais (Anne Portugal), Le sentiment général (Frédéric Forte)
Joana Preiss : Pull my Daisy, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg & Neal Cassidy
Rachel Lavetsky: Against Travel
Nathalie Guiot
: Poèmes personnels, The appliquant, Sylvia Plath
Nikias Imhoof : Elucubrations
Caroline Scheyven aka Cayo
: Sleepless nights, Come with me
Joshua Craze : Passagework
Kathy Alliou: Cette nuit je dors, Marcel Devillers
Haleh Chinikar & Pascale Barret : she’s so limitless
Kendell Geers: Nothing changes nothing, Picabia, Freud
Barbara Polla: Rouen, Teen, There is fire everywhere, Tomorrow, Leonie, Uncanny