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Michel GUÉRIN :
Philosophy of gesture

Michel Guérin was born in 1946. Writer and philosopher, he wrote about thirty books (literary, critic or theoritical). Agregation holder of philosophy (1970), he is professor emeritus of Aix-Marseille University and member of the Universitary Institut of France.

For instance, he published : at P.U.F., La politique de Stendhal ; at Actes-Sud, Qu’est-ce qu’une œuvre ?Philosophie du geste (1995 and 2011) ; at La Part de l’Œil, Origine de la peinture (2013). He directed some collective books projects at Presses Universitaires de Provence, including Le Geste entre émergence et apparence (2014). He is also member of the review panel of the brussels journal « La Part de l’Œil ». His last book (October 2018), Le Temps de l’art (Anthropologie de la création des Modernes) was just published at Actes Sud.

Language: french

Each month, Fondation Thalie invites a philosopher to discuss and analyse a news topic according to his research and bring a new perspective in the light of the media discourse.