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Two Bodies in Hangar H18

Hangar H18 – Place du Châtelain 18 – 1050 Brussels
Creation of d’Emmanuelle Huynh & Eiko Otake
Performance – 45 minutes

A Fondation Thalie and Compagnie Mùa Emmanuelle Huynh coproduction studied philosophy and dance. In 1994, returning from a residency at the Villa Medici for a project in Vietnam, she created the solo project Mùa, which inscribed the collaboration with artists from different fields at the heart of her work. She runs the National Center for Contemporary Dance in Angers until 2012. Eiko Otake is a Japanese woman, dancer and choreographer, who has emigrated, lives and worked in New York for forty years. “In February 2013, I started to portray the city of New York through the report that some of its inhabitants have with the architecture of their city. I went to her with two questions. How did your imagination, forged in Japanese culture, incorporate the space of this city, of this country? What did you leave behind when leaving Japan?
The invitation of the Thalia Art Foundation is exceptional and inaugural for us. It stages our first public meeting and will produce a kind of precipitate of our current questions. What are we teaching? What are we dancing? What are we mourning for when dancing? In the middle of this hanging, in the beautiful space of Hangar H18, after a residence in the place and the city, we will continue our steps towards each other. ”

Emmanuelle Huynh, February 2015