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Boris Bergmann, The Analogues Mounts of René Daumal

As part of its support for the publication of René Daumal’s Les Monts Analogues (Gallimard, 2021), the Foundation invites the writer Boris Bergmann, who edited the publication, and the photographer Stéphanie Solinas for a signature reading, accompanied by music from the artist in residence Joseph Schiano di Lombo. 

Saturday, October 30th 2021


Stéphanie Solinas is a photographer and artist.
Boris Bergmann is a writer and curator.
Together, they will come to the Fondation Thalie to present two books, as if they were mixing their words with an allied and friendly voice.

The first is Le Guide du Pourquoi Pas ? published in October 2020. In it, Stéphanie Solinas recounts her trip to Iceland, an island of invisible realities that the photographer will track down in an attempt to understand and bring to light. Published by Seuil, this guide proposes 13 “cerebral hikes” to meet the world of the dead, the afterlife, the existence of higher spirits…

The second is the first enlarged and illustrated reprint of Mont Analogue, René Daumal’s cult novel in which a masked mountain serves as a passageway between our world and the sky, between our lives and everything beyond us. Published under the direction of Boris Bergmann, by Gallimard, and with the support of Fondation Thalie and Fondation Luma, René Daumal’s Monts Analogues tells the story of the multiple posterity of a unique book. Patti Smith wrote the preface to this edition, which includes previously unpublished works by Daumal, interviews —  with Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky — essays, and the works of artists — of all ages, from all countries, and from all arts — who were inspired by Daumal’s text.

Together, Stéphanie Solinas and Boris Bergmann will read excerpts and blend one of the “cerebral walks” of the Guide du Pourquoi Pas ? with Daumal’s words and analogous visions.

Together, they will recount the genesis of these two books. For they were both born of a long, intense investigation, experienced as an intimate quest in search of an ever multiple truth and an ever infinite Mont Analogue.

This cross-presentation will be followed by a reading of Daumal by Boris Bergmann, set to music by Joseph Schiano di Lombo, artist-in-residence at the Foundation. Together, they will mix sounds and words to make the poet’s voice heard.