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Joseph SCHIANO DI LOMBO / Visual arts & creative writings

Joseph Schiano di Lombo (b. 1991 in Chambéry, France) will begin the musical transcription of his first novel L’Oxymore, published in May 2021 by Éditions B42. This fake, abstract and mannerist detective novel set in Chaumont was commissioned by the graphic designer Fanette Mellier, who herself edited it – completing a cycle of 5 novels entitled: “Chaumont (fictions) : des livres bizarres”. The text, used to give a glimpse of what a detective story without a detective, devoid of plot, victim and even characters, is essentially turned towards poetic (en)games. Between oral reading and instrumental pieces, Joseph will try to bring out the musical stakes of his writing and continue to bring the disciplines into dialogue.

Joseph Schiano di Lombo is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris. Classically trained as a pianist, a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs de Paris, he is now active in a wide range of musical pieces, visual works, performances and writing. His practice as an instrumentalist has given him a propensity to appropriate what is already in the world, to translate it, whatever the medium; as such, his stance is that of a re-interpreterpreter who plays with all kinds of wood. His inspirations, ranging from Jean-Sébastien Bach to photo booths, are scores or pretexts for his (re)creations, muses that he has fun sliding towards new identities and meanings. Faced with the infinity of possible links, his means are scrupulously defined: he favours the economy of gestures and forms. This work of co-creation, in the manner of a spiritual archaeology, reveals, awakens, by re-presenting them to the world, new possibilities of being.


Joël Riff, guest curator for the 2021 residency will be guiding laureates over the course of working sessions.


Open Studio Tiramisu

On Saturday 30 October from 4 to 6 pm, Joseph Schiano di Lombo in pair with ceramist Salvatore Arancio, among the laureates of the 2021 research residency in visual arts and creative writing, open the Foundation’s studio to bring its six-week residency to a close. After Home Studio by Hugo Pernet, Open Studio Tiramisu proposes, under the impulse of Joël Riff, guest curator, to “Faire Salon” in a spirit of conviviality and sharing about the reflections brought in this dialogue crossing visual arts and contemporary writing.
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