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A coffee with artworks : And you, have all those sunsets changed you?

Once a month, we invite you for a presentation of a selection of works from the collection, an exclusive and convivial moment to discuss together the themes and movements of contemporary art over the last fifty years. A sensitive experience designed to reveal invisible relationships and to give free rein to the interpretation in a small group of enthusiasts.

The fourth edition will present four works by Edith Dekyndt. Born in 1960 in Ypres, Belgium, Edith Dekyndt lives and works in Brussels and Berlin. After studying visual communication, she joined the Mons School of Fine Arts. In 1987, she researched Piero Della Francesca in Italy. Her interest in geometry and light is accentuated and leads her to collaborate with architects such as Olivier Bastin, who invites her to work in a studio in Brussels. Edith Dekyndt is an atypical artist whose impalpable pieces are the fruit of experimentation and transformation, a creative process dictated by time, which she favors over final form. Indeed, her formal preoccupations naturally take a back seat. By questioning the visual phenomena that surround us, Edith Dekyndt manifests an aesthetic and poetic approach to art that gives rise to a dreamlike production. Throughout her work, she shows a deep interest in physical phenomena, such as the reactions of water or air in different forms, and ephemeral incidents, paying particular attention to materials and their transitory nature. To document these experience, she uses technological processes such as photography, sound, installation, and video.

Recent solo exhibitions include Aria of Inertia, Chapelle Laennec, Paris (2022); Concentrated Form of Non-Material Energy, Stiftung St. Matthaüs, Berlin (2022); The Ghost Year, Greta Meert Gallery, Brussels (2020); The White, The Black, The Blue, Kunsthaus Hamburg (2019); Blind Objects, Carl Freedman Gallery, London, (2017).
His works are present in public and private collections such as Centre Pompidou, (Paris), MoMA (New York), Crandford Collection (London), CNAP, (Paris), Pinault Collection (Paris), Kunsthalle (Hamburg), MUDAM (Luxembourg), Cadic (Amsterdam), Mukha (Antwerp), BPS 22 (Charleroi).



  • Presentation of this artist exhibited internationally and, very recently, at the Bourse du Commerce in Paris.
  • Who are Morandi and Vermeer? How did their work inspire Edith Dekyndt?
  • Exploration of her working process: what influences do light, time and space have on the objects around us?
  • Contemplation and experience mix.
  • Discussion around the four works on display.



  • (Re)discover an artist from the foundation’s collection. So much beauty, so many potential journeys just waiting to be discovered.
  • To take part in a mediation oriented on the exchange, the dialogue.
  • Contextualize, together, a major artist. To try to situate her in a History of art in full construction.


Practical information :

  • Date: Saturday, June 3, from 11 am to 12 pm.
  • Location : Fondation Thalie
  • Prices : 8€ / 5€*
  • Online ticketing, limited capacity
  • By whom : Valère GILLES, in charge of mediation at the Thalie Foundation.


*Reduced price for students, Museum Pass holders, teachers, -26 years old, job seekers and SMART members.