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Et cætera

Eva Jospin, exhibited at the Thalie Foundation from 15 April to 23 September, sets up landscapes, natural wildlands that can take the form of cardboard bas-reliefs, embroideries or even drawings. These elements, like scenographies, are an invitation to the visitor to project the universe he wishes, his dreams. Remember that night in the forest when
the simple crack of a branch made you imagine so many things. Remember the darkness that made you mistake dogs for wolves.

To accompany Eva Jospin’s work, the Fondation Thalie invites writers to give writing workshops based on the exhibition.

Writing and orality

How can a space support a text? How can a voice bring a space to life? What stories do Eva Jospin’s work tell us ? How does space influence the way we write, we read, we tell stories?

While public readings are often considered as the end of a text, Et cætera has been defending orality as a full part of the writing process. How do you write a living and hybrid language dedicated not only to the page but also to the voice? The reading becomes a test of the text, a place of vulnerability and questioning.

For two and a half hours, we invite a dozen participants to question one of their previously produced textual creations (poems, short stories, diary, script, correspondence, shopping list, etc.). Each participant will confront his or her text with Eva Jospin’s scenographies and will find a place in the exhibition in which his or her text can be inserted and by which it can be nourished. Once this place has been chosen, each participant will have the opportunity to read his/her text aloud. Each reading will be followed by a discussion between the facilitators and the participants in order to question the way the text and the scenography coexist. In a third phase, each participant will be able to rework his or her text, alone or in the presence of the facilitators, depending on the reading experience.



Saturday 17 June, from 10.30 am to 1 pm.

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Facilitators :

Et cætera

A creative writing laboratory that organises readings and performances as well as workshops. This initiative explores the possibilities of oral, hybrid and contemporary literature. The workshop will be led by Perrine Estienne and Bastien Hauser from Et cætera. Both graduates of the master’s degree Texts and literary creation at La Cambre. Their practice explores the different ways of presenting a text, from poetry and novels to performance readings and theatre. Perrine is an author, performer and editor. Bastien is an author and stage director.