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Variation 3

The Fondation Thalie enlarges the experiences and invites an artist with a practice related to food to invest the kitchen to create a unique and innovative menu, inviting the participants to discover some new flavours.
As an artist and chef, Grégoire Bergeret offers us an exploration of production methods related to food: the act of smoking, salting, drying, fermenting, revisiting these many gestures rooted in ancestral traditions and inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.

– Dashi broth, (Kombu seaweed and dried bonito infused), Zeeland mussels, black radish
– Small squid, black fermented garlic, sweet pepper
– Tatsuta-age, (pieces of fried bonito marinated in sake, ginger and soy sauce), marinated seasonal vegetables
– Candied citrus fruits, lemon cream, fresh mint