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Lagunophorie III

In February and March, The Fondation Thalie invites Fabien Vallos to present two dinner-lectures on the food economy.

For this first event, we propose to think the modern and contemporary crisis of food from a conceptual relationship between consumption and non-consumption, between substance and non-substance. A dinner will follow, which will feature only one ingredient.

Fabien Vallos is theoretician, author, translator, publisher, artist and independent curator. He teaches philosophy at l’École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles and l’École Supérieure d’Art in Angers. His theoretical work consists of developing a genealogy of the concept of inoperability as well as the development of a critical philosophy of work.

Language : french

Menu: one ingredient the cod & condiments

Roasted cod – cod brandade – uncooked cod
gravelax cod – pil-pil cod – cod broth – grilled skins of cod
grilled cod – tarama of cod eggs – cod liver – tarama of cod eggs with truffles
cod in ceviche – salad of cod – steamed cod – aïoli – marinated cod
candied cod – salted cod – cod in terrine – cod baked in the oven + trimma
bread – wines – waters + one dessert