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Paris Internationale / Talk

Artists from the French scene, founders and directors of institutions are gathered together to examine the current practices in the field of visual arts in the light of the ecological transition, and to highlight new models of production and exhibition in Europe and beyond in the face of the depletion of natural resources.

With Nathalie Guiot, Founder and President of the Fondation Thalie, Stéphane Verlet Bottéro, artist and co-founder of The school of Mutants, Sara Ouhaddou, artist, Renaud Sabari, founder and director of ARTER, Anne-Sophie Braud, Institut Français, Deputy Director of Mobility and International Events.

Paris Internationale is a collegial initiative established in 2015 as an innovative alternative to traditional art fairs to support a new generation of galleries.

Proposed by ElaineAlain / ADAGP in partnership with Paris Internationale

ElaineAlain offers a multitude of perspectives from international art critics  and exhibition curators, featuring news about artists from the French art scene. Through an Instagram account and an eponymous Website, the idea of ElaineAlain project is to provide an overview of the prolific diversity of the visual art scene in France. A framework established by the ADAGP to promote visibility and recognition of the French art scene abroad, the ElaineAlain project was launched in October 2018 during the Marcel Duchamp Prize ceremony at Centre Pompidou, with the support from private and public partners ADIAF, Fondation des Artistes, Pernod Ricard Foundation, Comité professionnel des galeries d’art, Institut français, French ministry of Culture and some artists members of the ADAGP.

Paris Internationale, 18 to 22 October 2023
Free admission upon registration
17 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière,75009 Paris